Name: Phenomelous Marvaleon - "Phoom" to friends. Author: Steffan Alun Email: Age: 19 and three quarters. Height: Seven feet. Coat: Trench, black. Shades: Blue. Hair: Black. Wig: Blonde. Face: Plastered in foundation and lipstick/lipliner. Pokémon: A :L100 Charizard, a :L100 Dragonite and a :L100 Alakazam, all with more moves than sense. Source of Pokémon: Vague. History: Dull, generic and inconsistent. Geography: Cerulean City. Which he can't spell. Art: Rubbish. English: Poor. See me. Voice: Deep. And a little bit gay. Accent: Far too annoying to type phonetically. Super-powers: Probably. Explanation of source of finance: Insufficient. -- Steffan Go there now. No, NOW.