Character: Robert Author: Rob E-Mail: Appearance: Robert usually wears a long-sleeved black shirt, blue jeans, white socks, and black sneakers. He has brown eyes, rather messy black hair, and a black goatee. He wears a black leather laptop case on his shoulder, a gold and silver Slowpoke-shaped lapel pin that has the acronym "SPAS" on it on his laptop case's shoulder strap, a dragon pendant around his neck, a purple Pokegear on his left wrist, and a Pokeball belt on his waist. Robert displays his eight Kanto League Badges on the left side of his shirt and plans to display all eight Johto League Badges on the right side. He is 5'10 and 23 years old. Personality: Robert used to be a serious boy who mostly kept to himself, but when he set out on his first Pokemon Journey, he met his girlfriend, Mithril-rama, aka Rilli, and that changed his outlook on life. She made him happy, and continues to do so to this day, while his Pokemon helped him become a more open, humorous, and outgoing person. Robert knows very little about the Pokemon that live in Johto and not very much about Pokemon from Kanto, but he's determined to learn more. He can be quite stubborn and outspoken about certain issues, but tends to be a nice guy. Objectives: In the past, he wanted to be famous for being able to train a wide variety of Pokemon and his dream was realized when he started his own Gym in Lavender Town called the Diversity Gym. He hands out Oasis Badges to Trainers who challenge him and win. He owns at least one Pokemon of each type except for Steel and Dragon. His current quest is to catch new Pokemon in Johto to make his Team even more diverse than it currently is and to earn the eight Johto Gym Badges while he's in Johto. He'd also like more people to join his club, the Slow Pokemon Appreciation Society. Just like any other aspiring Pokemon master, he wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. Gadgets: Pokegear - The purple Pokegear Robert wears on his wrist has a Clock Card, a Map Card, a Phone Card, and a Radio Card installed. He doesn't use the Pokegear as a Radio too often, but has its Clock function set as the default and uses it often to call his girlfriend Rilli, whose image shows up on the Pokegear's small video screen during calls. Pokepedia - This is a Pokedex-like device that Pokemon Master Rodney Kenneth Evojian invented and gave to Rilli so that she could use it to learn more about Pokemon. It provides much more information about Pokemon than the average Pokedex and has advanced maps. Unfortunately, its database only has information on the first 151 Pokemon stored in it. Rilli lent the Pokepedia to Robert so that he can add information about Pokemon 152 through 251 during the time he spends in Johto. Pokeflute - On Robert's first Journey, Mr. Fuji, Robert's mentor, lent him a Pokeflute that awakens sleeping Pokemon. When Robert became the Diversity Gym Leader, Mr. Fuji let Robert keep the Pokeflute so that he could use it during battles. Robert has gotten better at playing the Pokeflute in the past few years, but he's still not an expert at it. Laptop - Robert received his black laptop as a gift from his mom on his 18th birthday. He uses it to check his e-mail and update his website. Advantix Camera - Robert received this gift from his mom for his 17th birthday. He uses it to take pictures of interesting sights. Gameboy Color - This is another present Robert received from his mother for his 17th birthday. The only game he has for it is Pokemon Pinball. Current Pokemon: (All information is current as of 11/23/01. It is subject to change.) Pokemon that Robert presently carries with him on his Johto Journey: Farfetch'd (Male) Level 42 Attacks: Peck, Swords Dance, Cut, and Agility Description: This goofy Flying Pokemon was the first Pokemon Robert caught on his first journey. When searching for a new Pokemon north of Vermilion City, all the Pidgey and Spearow flew away. Farfetch'd was too fat to escape Robert, and he was able to catch the Wild Duck Pokemon. Robert wishes to teach Fly to his Farfetch'd someday so that the Pokemon can fly him around from place to place. Robert is also convinced that because Farfetch'd looks so silly, the Pokemon must evolve after gaining enough experience, despite the fact that others claim otherwise. Horsea (Female) Level 28 Attacks: Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, and Water Gun Description: This playful Water Pokemon used to belong to Mithril-rama. When Robert won a Porygon at an auction Bill held and traded it to Rilli with an Upgrade attached as a Christmas present, Rilli gave Robert this Horsea. Rilli let him keep her since she had heard that Horsea eventually evolve into Dragon Type Pokemon, a Type of Pokemon that Robert lacked. Horsea was trained to be very loyal by Professor Oak. Pokemon that Robert left with Mithril-rama, aka Rilli, in Lavender Town: Gengar (Male) - Robert's first Pokemon was left with Rilli since Gengar didn't want to leave his wife, Rilli's Haunter, and his Gastly child. Cubone (Male) - Cubone became attached to Rilli's Omanyte and doesn't like battling very much. He wanted to stay close to Robert's mom. Vileplume (Female) - Vileplume has been enjoying just lounging in the Diversity Gym's Greenhouse with Rilli's Victreebel too much to leave. Slowbro (Male) - Since Rilli lacked a Psychic Pokemon on her team and Robert had Horsea to be his team's Water Pokemon, he lent her Slowbro. Golem (Male) - While Robert's loyal Golem wanted to tag along with him, Robert convinced him to stay with Rilli to help diversify her team. Raichu (Female) - Raichu normally follows Robert wherever he goes, but she stayed home since Rilli's Electabuzz, her husband, impregnated her. Charmeleon (Male) - Charmeleon doesn't like Robert very much and Rilli didn't have a Fire Pokemon, so Robert lent this Pokemon to her. Hitmonchan (Female) - Rilli did not have a Fighting Pokemon either, so Robert lent her Hitmonchan, who uses Mega Kick more often than punches. Current Badges: Cascade, Boulder, Rainbow, Soul, Thunder, Volcano, Marsh, and Earth Allies: Mithril-rama, Robert's girlfriend, above everyone else. Mr. Fuji from Lavender Town, Robert's mentor. Bill, the Pokemon Researcher. Other friends seen on occasion: Sarah Jane and Damian Fox. Enemies: Robert tries to not make enemies. He doesn't hate Team Rocket members as long as they don't do anything to him. However, he doesn't like two bothersome Team Rocket members, Jack and Jill, since they try to steal his Pokemon sometimes. He hasn't seen them for over a year. Other notes: Robert grew up in Lavender Town. Due to studies, he had postponed his Pokemon Journey. After he finished his first Pokemon Journey, he opened up the Diversity Gym in Lavender Town and settled down with his girlfriend Rilli, who also lives in Lavender Town. For more information about the Diversity Gym and Robert's club, the Slow Pokemon Appreciation Society, visit Robert's Diversity Gym Website at . Rilli is acting Gym Leader in Lavender Town while Robert's in Johto on his second Pokemon Journey. -Robert