Character name: Russ Lackey Author: George "Bonus Island" Davidson Email: Physical Appearance: He has a thin, slightly oblong-shaped face and black hair. He has blue eyes, and a plainly-shaped nose + mouth. Most of the time he wears a blue t-shirt and light pants that are colored black. Background: The first year of his life is shrouded in mystery at the moment. All he knows at the current time is that his grandfather took him in when he was 1, with absolutely no recollection of his parents or where he came from. His grandfather gave him his first Pokémon, a Porygon, when he was 8. When his grandfather died while he was at the age of 12, he cast off and began wandering the world, eventually ending up in the Orange Islands. It was here that he experienced his first battle, a defeat in the hands of another young trainer named Louie. Lost in the woods after being beaten, he eventually stumbled upon the laboratory of Prof. Ivy, who took him in and began teaching him about the world of Pokémon. Personality: He's usually quite cordial to anyone he meets, although he can get quite annoyed at times. Pokémon (currently): Porygon (lv. 21) Tackle Conversion Tri Attack Psybeam Dreams/Ambitions: He wants to learn more about Pokémon, a subject which fascinates him. He also desires to find out more about his mysterious past.