Character Name: Sapphire Author: Beth ( Appearance: Sapphire is a young man of average height and weight. He appears to be around 18 years old. He has eyes that are the color of ashes, and almost always sports a bright smile. He wears a sweatshirt and cargo pants, hiking boots, and a pair of Go-Goggles that are usually perched atop his forehead, and used like a bandana, to keep his silvery blue hair out of his face. Sapphire carries a white PokeNav (iNav), which is clipped to a plain leather belt, and a single-strapped backpack, which is slung over his shoulder. Around his right leg he wears a second belt. This one sports six small pouches, two of which contain small, cystaline Pokeballs. In his left pants pocket, he carries a pocket knife and some lock picking equipment. Personality: Sapphire is an outgoing young man with a modest attitude and a slightly naive outlook on life. He is almost always in a good mood, and doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he's much older than the average beginning Pokemon Trainer. He cares deeply for his Pokemon, and is interested in learning what he can about all of the breeds, but doesn't necessarily seek to capture all 386. Generally speaking, Sapphire is not the type of person who would stand out in a croud. To those who don't know him, he comes off as a simple guy, just trying to make it in the Pokemon world. Objectives: To become a Pokemon Master and destroy all evil organizations in operation, the standard Hoennian dream. Pokemon: Torchic (Filly) Scratch, Growl Filly is a cheerful Torchic with dreams of flying. Since she was trained by Professor Birch to be obedient, she is always ready to help her master. She has a fondness for Sweet Pokeblocks, and has a tendency to rush into battles, due to her eagerness to gain enough experience to evolve. Allies: None so far. Enemies: None so far. * * * Character Name: Grey Appearance: Grey is 23 years old, but he is capable of making himself look younger or older, given the proper disguises. His natural hair color is dark brown, and it's cut close to his head. Unless circumstances call for him to do otherwise, he wears a Rocket Executive uniform. He generally looks very prim and neat, and a little bit intimidating, thanks to his empty gray eyes. He carries experimental "Reson Balls;" crystal Pokeballs designed to permit their inhabitants to see, hear, and speak while in transit. He usually keeps a few "dummy" Pokeballs on hand as well, which he uses when he wishes to throw off would-be thieves. Grey usually carries some sort of concealed weapon, his favorite being a miniature Zap Cannon-calliber tazer hidden in the hilt of a pocket knife. Personality: Grey is a member of Team Rocket, but more importantly, he is a Pokemon Breeder. He has spent much of his life studying Pokemon genetics, and he knows an enormous amount about statistics and abilities. His goal in life is to breed the perfect Pokemon, and since he is constantly on the lookout for good breeding stock, he tends to view wild Pokemon analytically, and with dispassion. Furthermore, because he is quite proud of his own knowledge, he tends to look down on less experienced trainers as ignorant, and his cocky attitude translates to everything else in life. He has a smart mouth that his coworkers find obnoxious, but most put up with him anyway, since he usually comes through for them when they need his help. Background: Little is known about Grey's past, as it is one of the few things that he refuses to talk about. He has been in Team Rocket longer than almost any other acting member, so some people believe that he was born into the gang. Others speculate that he joined shortly after Giovanni took over. If Grey has any parents, he does not speak of them. Spiritually, Giovanni is probably the closest thing that Grey has to a family member, and it is rumored that Grey was one of the Executives who helped restore Giovanni to power after the fall of the Viridian Gym. Most recently, Grey has been heading up the Pokemon Genome Project, intended to help Team Rocket develop a living weapon--an ultimate Pokemon possessing the most devastating attacks known to man. This project is ongoing. Objectives: Grey has been sent to Hoenn by Giovanni, on a mission to infiltrate the Magma and Aqua organizations. For this purpose, he is disguising himself as a young trainer named "Sapphire". Because he must protect his true identity at all costs, Grey is unable to utilize any of his Rocket tools or Pokemon while in Hoenn. However, Grey has brought two of his Pokemon with him on the trip as companions. Although they cannot battle, they can still communicate with Grey through their Reson Balls. Pokemon: Houndoom (Raksha) Bite, Flamethrower, Headbutt, Protect Raksha is an effeminate Houndoom who has been with Grey for many years. She has a light body with long limbs, and is so immaculately groomed that it is easy to dismiss her as a pampered show dog. However, she has been expertly trained, so she is more than capable in battle. Generally quiet and aloof, she is strong willed, and will stalwartly stare down any threat, without feeling compelled to flee, fight, or even growl. She is a motherly figure who sees it as her duty to protect Grey, and her mate, Gurion. Raksha has a cold and suspicious attitude towards strangers, so it is hard to believe that she is actually quite loving and friendly to those she knows. Unusually empathetic for a Dark Pokemon, Raksha shares a deep emotional bond with Grey, and is capable of communicating with him. Arcanine (Gurion) Teleport, Flame Wheel, Bite, Extreme Speed Gurion is a monstrous Arcanine with wild yellow eyes. He is characterized by huge paws with gripping talons, and dewclaws that can function as thumbs. Gurion was once a member of a pack of intelligent, but simplistic wild Arcanine called the "Arcaninen". His father, the leader of the pack, viewed the human race as an enemy to be destroyed; but Gurion recognized the humans' superior ingenuity, and felt certain that, unless his pack learned to assimilate their knowledge, it was doomed to extinction. He made the choice to abandon his pack, so he could be closer to humans. Gurion has great respect for Grey, and great love for Raksha, but he also has a savage nature that overshadows his other traits. His chief instinct is survival, and he becomes edgy and impatient when he is forced to participate in mundane human activities which he does not understand--however, he tries his best to learn from them. Gurion cannot speak the language commonly used by Arcanine, but he communicates with a system of growls and gestures that are easy for his mate and trainer to comprehend. Allies: Team Rocket, although he has no means of contacting fellow agents while in Hoenn. Enemies: Hopefully none, so long as he can keep his cover. --Sigless Beth