Character: Sarah Jane Eckert Author: Time Lady/Lady Timedramon Email: Age: 17 Hair: Long brown hair (usually worn pulled back into a ponytail). Eyes: Blue-green eyes. Build: Very petite Height: 4’11” Other: Appears very innocent. Wears glasses. She also has contact lenses now, but rarely wears them. Clothing: A Rosetta University sweatshirt or t-shirt and khaki pants or jeans, white tennis shoes. Supplies: Carries a new model denim backpack (with divided pockets for each type of item) with supplies. Uses a Rosetta issue Pokedex, allowing instant switching of pokemon without the need to go to a computer. The pokemon in Rosetta roam free on the ranch belonging to Sarah Jane’s grandparents. A miniature pokeball worn on a chain around the pokemon’s neck while in Rosetta allows the transfers to take place. The system was designed by university researchers with the aid of Bill. Personality: Sweet and caring. The kind of person that's easy to underestimate due to her innocent appearance. Also very analytical. Deep down, she still feels a profound sense of loss due to the murder of her Mr. Mime 5 years ago. She is aware that, in times of extreme anger, she can cause a lot of damage and pain. Therefore she is very controlling of her temper. Lately she’s been a bit depressed and moody due to various factors. Abilities: Sarah Jane is a psychic. She has a lot of potential, but, due to her gentle nature, her psychic abilities lean towards empathy where humans are concerned. If necessary, she can transmit her thoughts to another person, but reading human minds is difficult for her. She finds it easier to detect human emotions and respond accordingly. Her abilities are stronger where Pokemon are concerned. She can easily converse with Pokemon both telepathically and verbally (she understands Pokemon of all breeds when they are talking in Pokespeak). Sarah Jane does have a large, generally untapped source of psychic power within her that to this point, she has only been able to access in times of extreme emotional duress (first when her Fearow was murdered, and later when her Mr. Mime was murdered). In other words, the more stressed/upset/angry she gets, the more powerful she becomes. But Sarah Jane doesn’t stress out easily. She has not been able to tap this energy since Shields’ death. One of the reasons might be because of Sarah Jane’s late training (her powers didn’t surface until she was nearly 12). When she _has_ used these powers, the result is generally an uncontrolled psychic shockwave that can be felt by anyone in the surrounding area. With full training, she has the potential of reaching the same power levels as Sabrina. However, Sarah Jane really has no interest in that type of training. To keep Sarah Jane well rounded (and to give her an alternate form of self-protection to rely on due to Sarah Jane’s previous experiences using her psychic abilities), her grandparents insisted she take some fighting training at the dojo next door to Sabrina’s gym. Currently she is a brown belt. The fighting training has helped her control and focus her anger, so she is less likely to totally lose control of her abilities out of anger. When Sarah Jane is angry, this will often transmit to Pokemon around her (and Pokemon belonging to her will react, usually becoming angry as well). Relatives: Lillian and Xavier Eckert (Grandparents), Sabrina (cousin – Sabrina’s father and Sarah Jane’s mother were brother and sister. However, Sarah Jane’s mother seemed to be without psychic powers, a trait which apparently skipped a generation to Sarah Jane) – though currently Sarah Jane and Sabrina had a falling out over something in the gym. Objectives: A change of scenery, a new journey, a hunt for her life’s purpose. Allies: Her former friends from the Mount Moon Crew, her grandparents, Candi. Enemies: Nori (who killed her Mr. Mime, among other reasons), Team Rocket. Pokemon: Note: Sarah Jane’s primary lineup (meaning those pokemon she usually has with her) are: Nipper, Spunky, Pteryx, Fantasma, Cassandra, and “the babies” (who are too young to be in a pokeball yet). Though she switches as necessary. Kingler (Nipper): waterfall, surf, strength, cut Nipper is more of a utility pokemon, as he was able to learn 4 different HMs. Nidoqueen (Cuddles): bite, ice beam, blizzard, substitute Nidoking (Spunky): horn drill, thunder punch, horn attack, ice punch The same Cuddles and Spunky that Sarah Jane found when they’d been orphaned. They definitely aren’t babies anymore. Cuddles is now in semi-retirement, taking care of her own children (listed below). Spunky still travels with Sarah Jane, whom both think of as their adoptive mother. Spunky is fiercely protective of Sarah Jane (and still refers to her as “Sarah-momma”), Pteryx (his adopted sister) and his babies. He’s very affectionate to those he knows and likes. “The Babies” Eevee (Lilac): tackle, tail whip Eevee (Shadow): tackle, tail whip The result of a tryst between a rather persuasive Flareon in heat and an unsuspecting, naïve Spunky. The Flareon and her trainer had no interest in the resulting motherhood and left the babies in the care of Sarah Jane and Spunky. Spunky is still adjusting to sudden fatherhood. Lilac and Shadow are too young to be in pokeballs, so they are usually in a pokebaby carrier toted by either Sarah Jane or Spunky. Lilac’s fur has a lavender cast to it, while Shadow’s fur is gray. Aerodactyl (Pteryx): Fly, Bite, Scary Face, Ancient Power Sarah Jane hatched Pteryx from an egg. Pteryx thinks of Sarah Jane as her mother (she was the first thing the newly hatched baby saw) and thinks of Cuddles and Spunky as her nestmates. By Aerodactyl standards, Pteryx is about half grown (about half the size of a full grown Aerodactyl). But she is still a fierce fighter and protective of Sarah Jane and those she considers “family”. Xatu (Cassandra): wish, psychic, future sight, shadow punch Cassandra, as a Natu, was sent by her flock to find and return another Natu from her flock, whom she personally referred to as “the mad one.” She was found injured by Sarah Jane and her friends and brought to a Pokemon Center. Cassandra decided to remain with Sarah Jane. Pidgeot (Hato-kun): fly, hyper beam, double team, agility Tangela (Medusa): sleep powder, mega drain, solarbeam, growth Machoke (Stallone): foresight, rock slide, rock smash, cross chop Tauros (Ferdinand): Stomp, rest, snore, hyperbeam Ponyta (Starfire): Stomp, Fire Blast, Agility, takedown Gengar (Fantasma) curse, shadow ball, confuse ray, psychic Fantasma was Sarah Jane’s mother’s pokemon. After Shields (Sarah Jane’s Mr. Mime) died, Sarah Jane’s grandparents gave her the Haunter (using a trading method, allowing Fantasma to evolve). The following pokemon are less frequently used by Sarah Jane, but still called on in times of need: Starmie (Asterik) Recover, confuse ray, psychic, waterfall Alakazam (Sigfried): recover, seismic toss, future sight, psychic Hypno (Svengali): psychic, mega punch, hypnosis, dream eater Dodrio (Sybil): drill peck, tri attack, agility, thief Clefairy (Twinkle): light screen, minimize, metronome, psychic Onix (Stonewall): bind, toxic, sandstorm, protect Gloom (Tama-negi): sleep powder, mega drain, solarbeam, petal dance Dugtrio (Digger): earthquake, slash, body slam, double team Arbok (Slither): bite, glare, haze, acid Cloyster (Pearl): supersonic, clamp, ice beam, protect Electrode (Cherry Bomb): Screech, mirror coat, thunder, explosion Dewgong (Snowflake): Headbutt, Ice Beam, Rest, snore Pinken Nidoking (Regis, Cuddles’ mate) thrash, headbutt, dynamic punch, defense curl Sarah Jane encountered the wild Nidoking while visiting Pinken Island with her grandparents. Regis became very attached to Cuddles on the visit (much to Spunky’s annoyance). When Sarah Jane and co. left, Regis refused to eat and started to pine away for Cuddles. In Saffron (Sarah Jane had returned to her training at the gym), Cuddles was also in a state of deep depression. Sarah Jane’s grandfather and Officer Joy of Pinken, for the sake of two Nidos’ health, received a special dispensation to allow Regis to leave Pinken, whereupon the Nidoking was promptly sent to Sarah Jane. Nature took its course, resulting in 3 litters of Nidobabies. Regis and Spunky do not get along too well, which is why Spunky is with Sarah Jane and Regis is in Rosetta with Cuddles and their family. Cuddles and Regis’ family: Nidorina: Dora Nidorino: Spike 3 female nidorans 2 male nidorans Pokemon Sarah Jane no longer has but owned in the past: Mr. Mime (Shields): Sarah Jane’s first Pokemon. Killed by Nori’s Dodrio Fearow (Bombadier): Killed by Minax Butterfree (Ariel): Freed to mate Exeggcute (Palmero): Given back to Sabrina.