Subject: [PW][WG] Adam "Smasher" Samson Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:56:10 -0700 From: "DitzyRenamon \(Tech Weaver\)" <> Newsgroups: Author: Chet Weaver Contact: E-mail: AIM: PanGatomon, NemesisWolfHelm, Rorschach Mask Character's Name: Adam "Smasher" Samson Appearance: A young man with hair cut close to the head. Wears slightly baggy clothing, including a T-shirt with an obscure logo. On his hands and feet are fingerless gloves (to which he pins on his badges) and Converse All-Star tennis shoes, respectively. Wears sunglasses and is almost always either carrying or standing on a skateboard. Has on a Marowak helmet (found on Victory road by his father and given to him as a gift) and carries the obligatory bottomless back pack and Pokéball belt. Personality: A generally easy-going guy (a somehow cliche concept), Smasher is also a thrill-seeker; He isn't living unless he nearly kills himself. Also considers himself an expert thrasher (skateboarder). He learned to skateboard since before he could walk. Now carrying around a laptop computer and a set of video equipment, Smasher takes whatever oppurtunity he can to record his extreme stunts and post them to the web. Pokémon: With Smasher: Starmie (Shuriken): Rapid Spin Psychic Hidden Power Double Team Marowak (Ice): Bone Club Ice Beam Double Team Earthquake Arcanine (Rush): Flame Wheel Double Team Extremespeed Body Slam Rotation: Pikachu (Pikat-Shoo): Thunderbolt Surf Thunderwave Double Team Skarmory (StarScream) Steel Wing Swift Endure Fly Larvitar (Big Time) Bite Leer Sandstorm Screech Steelix (Iron Horse) Iron Tail Bind Dig Rage About the Pokemon: Shuriken: Smasher practically grew up with this Pokémon and has taught it to ride a skateboard of its own. This 'board has a gold star painted on its deck. Shuriken doesn't stay inside its Pokéball, opting to skate along side Smasher. Rarely hovers, unlike other Staryu and Starmie. When Smasher taught Shuriken Hidden Power, he found it had a rather explosive effect. They combined that technique with Rapid Spin to create a move he calls "Rolling Thunder." Rush: Caught in the burned-out mansion in Cinnibar, Rush can speak fluent Spanish and English. Is a smooth talker and likes to woo the ladies. Ice: One of Smasher's first few Pokemon, Ice is good friend of Smasher's. Pikat-Shoo: Formerly belongs to Lt. Surge. Smasher traded it for siamese twin Pikachus, which are much rarer but not "tourney-legal." Surge has trained Pikat-Shoo to learn Surf, a nasty surprise for anyone trying to use ground-types against him. Pikat-Shoo was trained like a soldier and always follows orders. Big Time: Smasher found Big Time all alone in the woods. Smasher has no idea what happened to the Larvitar, but its been depressed ever since. He had been trying to train it up to Tyranitar, but it battles half-heartedly and just does not have the will to win. Big Time refuses to talk about its problems, so Smasher has decided to try and find the Larvitar nesting grounds in hopes of cheering it up. StarScream: Given to Smasher by a trainer as a reward for rescuing her from Team Rocket. Its former trainer had a hard time trying to control it, but its wild side allowed Smasher to bond with it easily. Objectives: To become the world's most extreme Pokémon trainer. Allies: Ema Acitore, Morgan Erna, Amber Powers, Heidi Lee, Tom Skyrunner Enemies: Alan "Lasher" Sandstone (Rival); Bon, Ian and Clyde from Team Rocket, Liger Background: Adam grew up in Lavender Town. Adam's parents got divorced when he was six. Adam's mother remarried a year later, and his step-father gave him the egg that contained Shuriken as birthday present (Adam's real father gave him the helmet when he was twelve). At about fifteen, Smasher left Lavender Town to begin his Pokemon journey. Along the way, he made some friends, some enemies, and a number of victories. He was temporarily Pewter City Gym Leader to let Brock have a well-deserved vacation, but wound up losing it to bug catchers backed by Team Rocket. A couple half-dittos helped him get it back. After that there was long, confusing, and almost random tour of Kanto and the surrounding islands. He traded Pokemon with Surge in Vermillion, fought off interdimensional invaders in Lavender, and tussled with a giant Primeape. A confused Sabrina turned him into a girl and... well, you kinda had to be there. Needless to say, there was a tough decision between being turned back to normal and having a lesbian girlfriend. After infiltrating Fuscia City and plowing through Viridian's ground gym, he set sail for Cinnibar Island and blazed through the gym. With a fossil he picked up earlier, he resurrected a prehistoric Persian. Larger than most and calling itself Liger (according to Rush), it resisted control and trounced the rest of Smasher's team. Rather than running off, Liger has taken to stalking Smasher and challenging him at key moments. Smasher has drawn with Liger at best and has yet to capture him. After competing a bit in Pokemon League tournaments, Smasher left a few of his Pokemon at home and began training a new team. Having spent too much time in the Diversity Gym in his home town of Lavender for his liking, he decided he needed to travel around a bit more. With the acquisition of a depressed Larvitar he decided that the place to travel was Johto. -- DitzyRenamon Like, Diamond Storm and stuff Work like nobody's watching. Dance like you've never been hurt. Love like you don't need the money.