Sven Rodgers Age: 24 Height: 6'3" Weight: 193 lbs. Place of Birth: Lavaridge Town Date of Birth: July 15 (Cancer) Blood Type: O+ Peabody Lange Age: 20 Height: 6'6" Weight: 179 lbs. Place of Birth: Sootopolis City Date of Birth: September 22 (Virgo) Blood Type: A- Appearances: Sven is a tall, well-built man with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, giving him a sort of Nordic look. He wears blue jeans, a white T-shirt, black boots, and a black jacket with a pin featuring the Team Aqua emblem. Peabody, meanwhile, is a tall, lanky individual with deep brown hair and hazel eyes, making him look like Shaggy off of 'Scooby Doo'. He wears blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a long black T-shirt, as well as a necklace with a pendant shaped like a Staryu. Personality: Sven is a hothead, impatient and gruff. He hates feeling like his time is being wasted, and can barely control his own anger at times. Peabody, meanwhile, is quite peaceful and relaxed, and enjoys lounging about and doing nothing in particular. Peabody often attempts to keep his partner calm, but rarely succeeds. History: Sven grew up in Lavaridge Town, the latest in a line of Fire Pokémon trainers. After years of being aggressively pressured to take up his family's legacy, Sven angrily left, vowing to one day sink the town in water. He joined up with Team Aqua soon afterwards, and has since been plotting to find a way to sink the town beneath the waves. Peabody, meanwhile, was born in Sootopolis City to a happy family and a relaxed atmosphere. He had a very blissful childhood and eventually graduated from school and joined Team Aqua; more interested exploring the waters around Hoenn than anything malicious. After having problematic partner after problematic partner for Sven, Aqua Executives eventually partnered him up with the young rookie Peabody, hoping that the calm but unambitious Peabody would rub off on the ambitious but hot-tempered Sven. Results are only beginning to trickle in, however, and the two are a good team. Hobbies: Sven is a decent boxer, while Peabody is into Zen Buddhism. Also, both are fond of James Bond movies. Pet Peeves: There are very few things which can't get Sven angry (though the sight of a Fire-type is enough to do the job), while just about nothing gets Peabody's feathers ruffled. Abilities: Sven is fairly strong, and can knock out just about anyone in one punch (assuming of course that they don't dodge). Peabody, meanwhile, is an excellent computer hacker and quite the smooth operator when it comes to dealing with authorities. Weaknesses: Together, the two have no real weaknesses. However, when the two are separated, Sven's lack of clear thinking and Peabody's lack of physical strength are clear weaknesses. Allies on Journey: Their main ally is their direct supervisor and boss, Leif Henrik, as well as all fellow agents of Team Aqua. Enemies on Journey: Agents of Team Magma. Pokémon (Sven): Sharpedo (Nickname: Jaws): Jaws, despite his name, is quite different from his namesakes. Jaws is, in fact, a bloody coward. He'll run from just about anything that moves, save Roselia, which he thinks are quite beautiful and worth being around. However, Jaws is loyal to his trainer, despite Sven's attitude. Level: 30 Attacks: Dive, Crunch, Screech, Slash Poochyena: Poochyena is, putting it bluntly, more bark than bite. He's an affectionate puppy dog, more interested in playing 'fetch' than battling. He's neutral towards his 'master' Sven, while he's very affectionate towards Peabody. Sven is half-considering trading the little puppy for a Larvitar or something. Level: 16 Attacks: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite Pokémon (Peabody): Starmie (Nickname: Solitaire): Unlike most Staryu and Starmie, who are quite comfortable with the notion of being gender neutral, Solitaire is nervous about not being a male or female Pokémon. So much so that it argues with itself telepathically about whether it should be aggressive or passive, quickly angering Sven and actually giving Peabody a headache (a rare feat). Still, when called upon to battle, Solitaire will do its duty. When not battling, Solitaire keeps itself sane by playing poker with Jaws. Level: 30 Attacks: Surf, Psychic, Recover, Thunderbolt Rhydon (Nickname: Grimlock): Intended as an ultimate secret weapon to be used against Team Aqua, Grimlock was raised as an incredible combat machine with attacks capable of taking down any Fire or Grass-type Pokémon. Ultimately, however, Grimlock's adamant nature and aggressive actions would prompt Aqua heads to leave him in the hands of a field agent, and away from any sensitive equipment. Grimlock is intelligent, powerful, and prideful, and is more interested in results in battle than anything else. Level: 60 Attacks: Flamethrower, Strength, Earthquake, Stomp Goals: Sven wants to see Lavaridge Town totally engulfed in water, and every Fire Pokémon within soaked to the innards, but is beginning to rethink his standing. Peabody, meanwhile, seeks to attain Nirvana and a girlfriend, though not in that particular order. William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points