Name: Ian Trent Retwin (though he hates his first name) Author: Jose L. Solano ( (he hates his first name as well) Age: 25 Height: 6'3" Weight: 192 lbs. Eye Color: Black, with red irises and snakelike slits for pupils. Hair Color: Dark Brown Birthplace: Celadon City, Kanto Appearance: A black pair of pants, black boots with dark gray military-style boot covers, a black shirt, a black vest, a dark gray trenchcoat, and black gloves. W-W-WHAT?! GRAY TRENCHCOAT?! HOW CAN THIS BE?! TRENT IS NO LONGER DANGEROUS?! Of course he is, but he couldn't find a black one once his old one got ratty. His hair is spiky and somewhat swept back. He's grown out his facial hair, bordering between an actual beard and just stubble. The scar on his left eye remains, still visible behind his dark glasses. Weaponry: Trent carries an assortment of weapons: knifes, small Pokéball-shaped grenades (his own design; he's quite proud of them), vials of Ariados venom, and of course, a gun. He prefers cutting tools over any other form of weaponry, so he always has knives, daggers, swords, or even forks. He recently acquired a pair of strong ninja-to (ninja swords), which you could say are his favorite since he really, really likes them, but realizes that their use is limited. For the most part, he just uses his gun, though his aim needs a little work, but it's not as bad as it used to be. In short, Trent uses a lot of weaponry... but as they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none. Personality: Trent can be described in one word... unfortunately, such a word has not been invented yet. Stupid, egocentric, needlessly violent... those will have to do in the meantime... wait that one was two words. Crap. Even though he's evil, he won't go out of his way to hurt people unless it coincides with his current goals (this is probably as wise as Trent will ever be), or if he finds someone to be very, very irritating. In short, don't mess with him and he won't mess with you. He has no concern for others, and though he tends to overestimate his skills and underestimate his situation, he's not arrogant. While not always ambitious, when he finds a goal, he will chase it persistently, almost obsessively... until he becomes bored with the idea. Most of the time, his pursuit blinds him to his surroundings and he may not be able to see danger, physical or otherwise, until it's too late. Trent is not necessarily sadistic, but he does have an affinity for violence, as it usually gets him what he wants. Trent can be cruel to even his own Pokémon, often completely forgetting that they are living beings. The only other being he cares about is his right-hand Sandslash Ashura, though "care" may be too strong a word. Trent seems to be a magnet for odd situations. It seems like weirdness just follows him, because he can't seem to go a single day without seeing something that makes him wish he lived in a more normal world. Sometimes people who spend time with him notice it, but often they don't. Hmmm... Trent is often considered a villain, but this is only partially correct. Even if he is evil, he is fairly neutral in most conflicts, until he sees an obvious advantage to choosing a side; usually, it's money. Sometimes this just comes back to bite him in the ass, but he's a slow learner. History: As I've done for a while now, I'm going to skip the long, boring history and just get on with what's immediately important. Trent was a bounty hunter and overall bad guy. Then Dreadite killed him and he went to hell. He found himself turning into a demon, and ran off. Trent spent five years in solitude, but found that being a complete demon isn't all that bad- he still looks human, for the most part, and he still has free will, but he has darker thoughts than before. Eventually, he met back up with Ashura after a dispute over a board game. Trent has some mild mechanical skills, but rarely gets into situations where they'd come in handy. Recently, he tricked an ex-Rocket named Carol into putting on an earpiece that kept her in contact with his Abra, and so he has a reluctant new ally. He briefly sought to collect all of the Shiny Unown, influenced by the Unown Vee, but once freed from Vee, he sort of grew bored with the idea, and sold it to Dee/Doppler. Goal: Trent has never been a smart fellow. A while back, he met a tricky salesman, and is now convinced that he ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE an air conditioner, despite the fact that his demon abilities would render it pretty much useless. He plans to claim one of the many bounties on Dreadite's head to get the air conditioner. Oh well. Good luck, Trent! Crimes in Kanto: Trent was convicted for 16 murders, 2 kidnappings and 5 cases of torture and sentenced to 45 years in prison (families and friends of victims were not at all happy... the judge's leniency remains unexplained), but he escaped. The Kanto Police had previously confirmed his death, but they've become suspicious after his "re-appearance." They believe it to be another man using Trent's name and reputation, but since this "new" Trent hasn't committed any crimes in Kanto (at least, none that the authorities can trace to him), there is no reward for his capture, but they're keeping an eye on events in Johto. Crimes in Johto: Trent is wanted for two counts of attempted murder as well as questioning in the deaths of three members of Team Rocket. The Johto Police is offering a reward of $800,000 after hearing about his crimes in Kanto. Someone must not have told them that Trent is technically dead. Crimes in Hoenn: HAH! NONE! Demon Abilities: ---Energy drain- Trent is capable of abso... huh? This explanation was too wordy? Damn, lemme trim this down a bit... Anyway, think of it as being like an invisible Mega Drain, except he has a set energy limit, which means he can only take as much energy as his body would need. Like Mega Drain, the victim has their energy sapped, and if too much energy is taken, it could kill them. Also, an interesting side-effect to this ability is that at his energy limit, Trent is overflowing with energy, acting like a child on a sugar rush (thankfully for him, nobody has ever seen him in this state). He can still eat, but he now prefers not to. ---Vision- Trent's visual sense is much more highly attuned. He is capable of clear vision in the dark and is able to see with greater depth and perception than normal humans, even in the dark. However, since his eyes have been altered to allow him to see in darkness, he is more easily damaged by bright light, meaning that a direct look at the sun could damage his eyes in much the same way staring at it would do to a human. Fortunately, he wears shades to protect them. If he doesn't look directly at the sun, he'll be alright for a short while, but eventually, the sunlight will still get to him. ---Strength- Oddly, he has gained a slight increase in strength. He can easily absorb shock, meaning that having a larger object fall on him or a jump from a tall height that would break a human's bones would just cause some pain to Trent, but he'd be able to recover quickly. He often forgets his limits and gets himself hurt. See the next entry for more on that... ---Immunity and Endurance- Trent is somehow immune to several poisons and diseases, some that would cause a great amount of damage to a human. He also has increased endurance, allowing him to take quite a beating before he is severely damaged. When he is, however, it takes a bit longer for him to heal from said wounds. This really pisses him off. ---Sweat- Trent doesn't seem to sweat anymore, which causes him to produce little to no odor. It is unknown how he cools off. He really wishes he had some better powers. ---Temperature Resistance- Extreme temperatures have little effect on Trent. He can still tell it's really cold, or really hot, but it just doesn't bother him. Sticking him in an oven or a freezer... okay, yeah, he might complain a bit. He can still be burned or frozen, though he's more resistant to the damage, but as long as he's not in direct contact with the fire/ice/whatever, the temperature won't really bother him. ---No Need to Sleep- Trent doesn't need to sleep... it's as simple as that. Whenever he does, he tends to have nightmares. Just a side effect of being a demon. Pokémon: ---Ashura (see below) ---Steelix- Level 42 As an Onix, he belonged to the Hiker, and happened to be his favorite. For this reason, Steelix doesn't trust his new master, but obeys him if only for a chance to fight. Despite what Trent may tell you, Steelix's evolution happened entirely by accident. ---Graveler- Level 44 Graveler rounds out the Hiker's Pokémon. Graveler feels insecure and wishes to evolve, so he uses every possible opportunity to train against Trent's other Pokémon, even Vertigo. ---Vertigo (Exeggutor)- Level 95 All four heads are at different levels of insanity, but one of them has just enough sanity left to take commands. The problem is, he doesn't have enough sanity to interpret them correctly, so it's best just to let Vertigo thrash around until he eventually does something right. Kind of a waste to have such a high-level Pokémon that can't even control himself... ---Kurt (Abra)- Level 50 An unusually intelligent Abra who followed Ashura around for a while. He may be smart, but he's still lazy. Kurt wears an earpiece that keeps him in touch with Carol Ross at all times. Using his AMAZING PSYCHIC POWERS, Kurt can act as a sort of phone operator and connect Carol to Trent for direct communication. He feels he should start charging them both. Capable of speaking English. ---Warren (Skarmory)- Level 30 An unusually dumb Skarmory who followed Ashura around for a while. He dislikes humans, and has a short attention span. Capable of speaking English. Doesn't really do much. ---Kabuto- Level Unknown Trent likes to pretend he doesn't exist. Kabuto seems to love Trent. LOVE. ---Aerodactyl- Level 40 An Aerodactyl once owned by the legendary Lance, he eventually fell into the hands of an antiques store owner, who lost it to Trent. Aerodactyl is loyal to Trent and obeys most commands without question, but deep down, he gets a strange feeling that he shouldn't... hmmm. He ignores this, though. ---Aron- Level 29 A testament to Trent's lack of intelligence, Aron is a shining example of Pokémon swindling. Promised an Aggron in exchange for his Rhydon, Trent agreed, only to find that the dealer had switched the Pokéballs and given him an Aron instead. It's not that Aron is weak or anything, but... come on, he could've had an Aggron! Now he has to get it the hard way. Allies: Carol Ross, though their allegiance is hardly friendly. Usually, Trent is nice to previous employers out of hope that they'll hire him again. He seems to have a small amount of respect for Dee/Doppler now. Enemies: Dreadite, Dreadite, DREADITE. That's really the only person he considers a real enemy... everyone else is more of an irritation... major (Mimic) or minor (anyone else involved in the Unown quest, Carol)... though, Trent's allegiance can be bought, so ultimately, it's really just Dreadite. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Name: Ashura Author: Jose L. Solano ( Age: 15 and a half Height: 4'3" Weight: 129 lbs. Eye Color: Dark blue Hair Color: Tan fur, dark brown quills (sometimes confused for black) Birthplace: Outskirts of Celadon City Appearance: Ashura is very large for a Sandslash, which makes him intimidating even to those who are actually larger than him. Ashura's fur and quills are slightly different shades than usual because one of his parents was a foreign variant of Sandslash. Ashura has a scar on his right eye to match the scar worn by his partner. Weaponry/Equipment: None really, but he sometimes has... illegal substances buried in his quills. Or playing cards. Personality: Ashura is outwardly sarcastic and even seems a little bitter and jaded, but deep down, he has a good heart and a kind spirit. You just have to look deep. Really deep. Ashura is also very vulgar, but because Sandslash-speak isn't well known (not many people own a Sandslash), few people really know what he's saying, so what may sound like a playful cheer to someone may actually be an inappropriate insult. Ashura wears his scar as a sign of loyalty (which he originally made himself; when he devolved, the scar was removed, only to be scarred again by Trent in a freak coincidence... or was it?). Ashura knows Trent better than anyone and considers him his best friend, which means that he doesn't see a problem with causing Trent some minor misfortune every so often. Ashura is also a fan of illegal substances, but he regulates his habits. History: Ashura was taken from his nest at an early age by Trent Retwin, a local boy who had falsely claimed to own a Pokémon. Ashura spent most of his life with Trent, who became a master, trainer and best friend to him. Some other crap happened and Trent died and then he was alive, and then he was nice and then he was mean again and then for reasons we won't go into, Ashura was turned into a cyborg just as Trent's demon abilities were coming out... Yeah, I skipped a lot, but who cares? Ashura and Trent had been living in isolation for almost four years. Trent had studied Ashura, so he came to know most of Ashura's mechanical workings, but a dispute over a board game led to a split between the two. Ashura, then calling himself by the unit number on his parts (VSU-0003) grew tired of his mechanical body and teamed up with Kurt, an Abra he had met after Trent's death, and Warren, a Skarmory, to raise enough money to clone him a new body. After several unsuccessful attempts, Ashura was offered a different treatment: he was devolved into a Sandshrew, but he was no longer a cyborg. Trent, who had come out of isolation, found Ashura and after a brief fight, they decided to be friends again. Recently, Ashura evolved back into a Sandslash. Trent and Ashura are now partners. Other notes: Ashura is fond of board games, but often doesn't bother reading the rules before playing, which can lead to conflict when his opponent misinterprets a rule, especially one involving the ownership of Park Place. Once he has the rules down, he masters a game easily. Oddly enough, he's good at chess, but rarely has an opportunity to play (Trent has trouble remembering which piece does what). Though he's good at games, he has been known to cheat. Ashura is also capable of speaking English, though he does it with a thick, scratchy accent, and prefers to speak his regular language. The fact that it only has two words confuses many, but why should he change to suit everyone else? Allies: Trent Retwin, Carol Ross. Enemies: Dreadite (mainly by association). Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil