Undrhil@hotmail.com (Undrhil or Ken, whichever is easier to remember) Name: Trousle Undrhil Author: Undrhil (undrhil@hotmail.com) Description: Trousle is a 14 year-old boy from Viridian City. He never really thought too much about being a Pokémon trainer. He does look up to Gary Oak, however, and sometimes he goes into the gym to watch when a trainer comes in to challenge Gary to a Pokémon battle. When Trousle received an EGG on his doorstep one morning, he started on that road that many trainers before him had gone. Appearance: Trousle wears a pair of swimming shorts and a tanktop t-shirt He stands about 5'2" and had brown hair and brown eyes. He is fair skinned and sometimes is prone to being sunburned, if he's in the sun too long without any sun block. He is currently wearing a goofy looking baseball cap which doesn't quite fit him right. Pokémon owned: Current 1. Wooper (Whoop): Trousle found a Pokémon EGG on his doorstep one day and this is the Pokémon that hatched from it. Trousle has no idea whether it's a male or female Pokémon, or what attacks it might have. He hasn't had a chance to take it into battle to find out. Since it's just hatched, we can assume it's Level 5, for argument's sake. *Updated: Whoop knows Tackle and Water Gun for sure.* *Updated again: Whoop knows Hidden Power. Taught from an TM* 2. Pidgey (Unnamed): Caught with the help of his Wooper while on the way to Pewter City. 3. Slugma (Sharpie): An abandoned Pokemon who Trousle battled and caught in Goldenrod City. Equipment: Current 1. Three "FastBalls" from Professor Oak, who got them from Kurt in Johto. 2. Extra change of clothes. 3. SuperPak(r) Back Pack which is just about filled up with his extra change of clothes and the three "FastBalls". 4. One Iron 5. One unknown TM, found in his room at the Pokemon Center. Allies: His mom, Professor Oak, Lisa, Lisa's Father Enemies: None, that he knows of.