[WG] Vixxen Takashi Character: Vixxen Takashi Author: Amber Foxwing Age: 20 Hometown: New Bark -> Violet (? I can't remember) Current Position: Raiser Day Care going towards Ecruteak Appearance: Blonde shoulder-length hair, raichu cheeks, tail, ears, and gloved hands and feet/paws. Wears a gray t-shirt and beige capris (?). Personality: A usually fiery temper that is soothed by the sight of an electronic device, specifically a TV (teevee). SHe loves to make fun of people, especially Amber, Jason and Alexz, and somehow avoids getting killed by the maniacal assassin. Tends to be pretty bouncy, although she can be suspicious of new people. Is very protective of her portable TV. Pokemon: Vixxen Lv. ? F *herself* Has: Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Agility Gao the shiny green eevee Lv. ? M (we think) Gir in the pokemon world runs rampant. . .o.o Has: Headbutt, Tail Whip Dementichu the albino vegetable-vampire pikachu Lv. 5 N Crazy and thinks all humans/pokemon are stupid, minus his precious Chuchan (Vixxen) Has: Nothing? Pachi the Pichu Lv 9 F Sings! Has: Thundershock, Tackle, Thunderbolt Goal: To find the Legend to save the Pokemon World as we know it from destruction by Shadoreon Allies: Jason Bard, Amber Foxwing, Solo, Karl Weiss?, Bob Raiser, Kitsu and Keaton, Alexz (sort of) Enemies: Shadoreon