Results, Picture Charts, and a Tree of The Whirl Cup Competition

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Made Top 16 - Misty, Bob, Brome, Jutta, Belle, Travis, Carol, and Blizzard

Made Top 8 - Robert, Yolei, Cappie, and Trent

Made Top 4 - Rudy and Mamoru/Yuki

Second Place - Aerie

Winner and new Water Pokemon Alpha Omega - Becky Thornbird

Information about the images:
"Persian" (Blizzard), Cappie, Belle, Roxie, Aerie, and "Karen" (Carol) by Bandraptor (Beth)
Robert, Marvin, Brome, Mamoru, Jutta, Travis, and Becky by Rob
Trent by Jose Solano
Bob by Amber Foxwing
Yolei found on the Internet
Show NPCs taken from screenshots of the Pokemon Anime

General Information | Summaries