The Whirl Cup Competition

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The Whirl Cup Competition is now over. The Results of the Competition are now available. The Pokewars! Archive for December 2002 has been updated. All the Whirl Cup posts made between the Opening Ceremonies and the Closing Ceremonies are now available there and Summaries of all the Whirl Cup posts will be available at some point in the future. I thank everyone who participated in this event - the PW! authors who entered their characters in the Whirl Cup Competition are what made this event a success!

The Pokewars! Whirl Cup Competition is based on the Whirl Cup Competition featured in the Pokemon Anime during the Master Quest season of the show. The tournament consists of six days of Water Pokemon battles at an underwater Coliseum (with white, round platforms). The Whirl Cup Competition is held every three years on Red Rock Isle of the Whirl Islands (the Islands between Olivine City and Cianwood City).

The first two days in the Coliseum are 16 one-on-one Water Pokemon battles comprising Round One. The 16 winners move on to Round Two, where they are paired up randomly by a computer to have 2-on-2 Water Pokemon matches. The 8 winners from there move on to Round Three, which is also 2-on-2. The 4 winners from there move on to the Semi-Finals, where the Trainers have 3-on-3 Pokemon matches. The two winners of the Semi-Finals move on to the Final Round, which is also 3-on-3 and determines the winner, who is declared a Water Pokemon Alpha-Omega and gets a Mystic Water Pendant during the Closing Ceremonies (which are held on the same day as the last match) as well as $10,000 in prize money.

This website is a supplement to the event. Click on any of the links on this page for more information about the Whirl Cup Competition.

Below is a small ASCII Map of the Whirl Islands:

------------------------------------------------- \______o___ / Olivine City __Ogi Isle Transit /_/ __ _____Town / \ Silver Rock Isle \ o \ _|o \ \ \ | / __ Red Rock / _\ \ | \ | Isle / | \__| /_/ _/ | | | | _| | / \o / Scarlet\__/ City (Home of the Whirl Cup) ____ | | / | Yellow Rock Isle | | \_o \ \___\ _____ Blue \ \ Blue Point Finland / \ Isle _ |o | Pudgey (_)/ o Blue \ Pidgey \ Lagoon\ Isle \ | \___o \ ___________ \____ \ ____/ \ \__| \ \ Cianwood \_ City o\ -------------------------------------------------

Results, Picture Charts, and Tree | Summaries